2 12 2010

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Sudden Inspiration

11 06 2009
Updated version of the nobleman.
I really don’t know which one is better, I prefer the first one because it looks more smooth but there are many mistakes and the colours are too bright.
In the updated one I drew the whole clothing again, with different colours, and different pattern.
The person fits better into the background.


11 06 2009

Leaving this World behind

I developed a new technique.
Unfortunately I used the wrong side of the paper for this…

Black Bird

11 06 2009

My first coloured Grindelwald picture (from Harry Potter).
I’m fully aware of the fact that he for sure didn’t wear those „wings“ when he stole the you-know-what.
It’s just how I first imagined him when I first read about him – a *beautiful* young man with a grinning face plus huge black wings, like a bird. XD
Oh and I’m very excited about the next movies.
I think they are going to cast Bower for Grindelwald.
I’m glad the chose to make him appear handsome just as I have imagined!

Grindelwald again

31 10 2008

During the long time of my increativity I developed a new worldview.
And with it comes a new drawing style. I believe many people who have known my old pictures won’t like my new style.
But I can’t help myself, everything changed and there is no turn back.

Now here is a quick drawing of Grindelwald. About his appearance I already wrote in the last entry.
He is still very beautiful although it was not intended, but okay, let him be.

(-> click onto picture to fullview)

Dumbledore + Grindelwald

13 10 2008

Old sketch of young Dumbledore and Grindelwald (Harry Potter 7)

When I first read about Grindelwald in book 7 (guy in black with grinning face), I immediatly had this face in my mind. (to the right)

Unlike Grindelwald I had to think a lot on Dumbledore’s appearance, I just couldn’t imagine a young Dumbledore without a beard. 8D
So I just imagined how I would draw his brother, and then gave him short hair. Oh and he has round glasses. Like Harry Potter’s. That looks more old fashioned and makes him look less senile.
(-> click onto picture to fullview)

Ovelia’s intention

27 08 2008

Princess Ovelia sketch (Final Fantasy Tactics).

There is a similar game to FFT that is called Vandal Hearts. It’s a tactics RPG too.
The princess in there has many similarities with Ovelia.
(Click onto pic to fullview)